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Project Description

SharePoint.AutoUpgradeSolution (by Sogeti) is a SharePoint 2010 solution which allows farms administrators to automate and plan solutions upgrade/redeployment.

How to deploy the SharePoint.AutoUpgradeSolution feature

First, copy the Sogeti.SharePoint.AutoUpgradeSolution.wsp file on the SharePoint serveur. Start "SharePoint 2010 Management Shell" (PowerShell) as Administrator (right click, run as "Administrator"). In the PowerShell window, type the following command :

Add-SPSolution "path to wsp"
(e.g. : Add-SPSolution "C:\Temp\Sogeti.SharePoint.AutoUpgradeSolution.wsp")

Then, run the next command to deploy the solution
Install-SPSolution -Identity Sogeti.SharePoint.AutoUpgradeSolution.wsp -GACDeployment

To finish, we have to activate the solution on the Central Administration. Connect to "SharePoint Central Administration" and go to "Application Management" the "Manage Web Application".

Select SharePoint Central Administration web application and click on "Manage Features" option in the ribbon.

Activate the feature « Auto Upgrade Solution for SharePoint 2010 by Sogeti »

How to configure Auto Upgrade

To auto upgrade for solutions, go to SharePoint Central Administration. Click on "System Settings" in left menu, then choose "Configure auto upgrade for solutions" link

The configuration page present the actual configuration of the AutoUpgrade solution. The "Solutions Folder Location" contains the path (UNC) where the feature will search solutions to upgrade. Under this parameter, the page display, for each deployed solution in the farm, the current AutoUpgrade configuration

To change the AutoUpgrade configuration of a solution, click on the solution name link. The AutoUpgrade configuration page will display

Use the "Select upgrade method" list to select which upgrade method you want to apply for this solution. 3 choices are availables :
- Not configured : AutoUpgrade feature will not manage auto upgrade for this solution
- Retract and redeploy : For each new available update, the previous deployed solution will be retract and remove and the new one will be install and deployed. The new deployed version will use previous version deployment configuration (GAC deployment, WebApplication target, ...)
- Upgrade : The current solution version will be upgrade with the new version

Then, the configuration page allows to choose deployment plan. You can choose between "Immediatly" or specify a deployment time. Click "OK" button to validate changes or cancel to back to the previous page.

Warning: The folder location property must be set if you want the feature works. You also need to be sure the account used to run the SharePoint Timer process have read/write access in the folder location.
Be carefull: All changes made on autoupgrade solutions are saved only when the main page was validate. If you navigate to an other page or click on cancel, all changes will be lost. Click to "OK" to save changes made in this page and in each AutoUpgrade solution configuration page.

How to use it

Now you finished to configure your AutoUpgrade policies for each solutions, published the .wsp to upgrade in the folder location specified in configuration. After each solution upgrade, the .wsp source file will be rename with de upgrade datetime and the autoupgrade mode (Redeployed or Upgrade).

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